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light cameras. i think a great many of us, myself included, have very deep concerns about the government collecting information on the citizenry and with the ease and availability of drones there is a real concern that the day to day conduct of american citizens going about their business might be monitored, catalogs and recorded by the federal government and i for one would have very deep concerns about that. i would ask the question of amie stepanovich. do you share those concerns? and if so, what reasonable limitations should be considered to protect the privacy rights of all americans? >> anytime you come up with a new surveillance technology you are going to have instances where the technology catches bad actors doing bad deeds but those few instances are at the expense of dragnet, constant surveillance of all citizens as they go through rather daily life, not consistent with constitutional protection than what the country was built on. we need to prevent drones' from becoming alternatives for police patrols flying up and down when not talking about aerial drones driving up and down
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1